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Why dont jump, spinning on my penis like a wound one, jumped, jumped until the rope was taken away))), then I got tired and lay down on my back, he again from above, for half an hour, probably at least we moved as much as I could kiss him, I already sucked all his lobes and nipples to him, but he does not finish, he tells me anecdotes, he is funny, he says I will not leave until I finish at least once, I was already afraid, not let's finish today, he moves down without thinking twice and then I found out that in fact this cunnilingus, he is an ace, I do not strain for a long time, he achieved his goal and I finished for the third time, after that he again puts me cancer but already in the middle of the bed and asks to bend the back we continue this laborious process and so, with different depths and speeds, he fucks me for about twenty minutes, I already grabbed him by the balls between his legs and pulled him to me, but this did not work with him and I feel he inserts a finger in my ass in the process of t raha, I moan, but I dont look as if hes boldly and his finger began to move, I understood from his moans that it excites him a lot, and now he is in my ear, but can we go into the ass today. And I, realizing that he will not be left behind, I say try, but gently I feel that he is already inserting two. Fingers into me and at the same time he continues to Jennifer Lopez Naked Fakes me, realizing that in two hours he has smashed me all by myself, I say come on in the ass and lie down on my stomach on 2 pillows and relax he softly lay down on top and I felt how he began to enter me, slowly sinking, entered to the end and froze, letting me get used to his penis, then stood up a little and Jennifer Lopez Naked Fakes me to move on his penis myself, which I enjoyed and began to do sitting on his penis I myself did not notice that we were already in a frantic rhythm and knocking on the very balls again with his thumb in my mouth and I again feel an orgasm on the way and he felt and drove to the end and froze but moving quietly and I finished again and just came I can hear in myself that he asks to cum in his mouth, but I still say wherever you want, dear, and then he abruptly gets up, takes off the condom and, taking the back of his head, put his head on his penis, though I still had to sleep for a minute, but sweat m he still finished pouring a mouthful of sperm, I sucked it to the end as a token of gratitude. Here's a funny story dear::.

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"i love their cute feet"

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My dick is bigger than him

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Nice one bit of water works at the end too

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Oh wie herrlich ist das denn

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Wow so beautiful mmm

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"I want that cock so bad"

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The doctor held his already fallen organ behind my cheek for a little while and slowly took it out, patting Jennifer Lopez Naked Fakes lips at the end with his head. I was already sitting quite submissive, licking my lips and trying not to look at him. His mood had clearly improved, with a slight laugh, he joked, for the first time not pi. races ", took out a container with alcohol from under the table, and began to dilute it with water, I agreed. To the invitation to celebrate this event.

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"Now that is how it is done"

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"Good job but this is not fair totally cheat"

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"Ha ha they are all pensioners now"

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