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I remembered the experience of a week ago and decided. To repeat it with the help of a machine, I attached a small vibrator, smeared it with gel and gradually sat down Maitland Ward Ig it. Accustomed to unusual sensations, I turned on the machine and continued to watch what was happening on the screen, while the artificial member slowly massaged my prostate. And Maitland Ward Ig a new film began, in which several gays were already fucking one guy in turn. In parallel, I continued to lightly fondle the penis, and the sudden orgasm that came on was strong and bright.

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At that time, I masturbated a lot in bed and in the bathroom. I could come three or four times in a row. I started buying cheap erotic magazines and books. I enjoyed reading stories more than looking at pictures and photos, because my imagination drew more colorful pictures than these often low-quality photographs. I hid all this literature under my bed, took it out in the evening and plunged into the world of my fantasies. In the morning we sunbathed on the beach Maitland Ward Ig enjoyed the sight of women's bodies, almost undressed, it seemed to me. That they noticed our glances, but they were not embarrassed by this impudence. My friends often tried to get to know someone, but nothing came of it, the girls preferred older and lighter guys.

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