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Pressing Zhenya to me, wrinkle hotly, squeezing his elastic juicy buttocks with my palmshe, Sarah Snyder Feet his pants from me, squeezes my buttocks, and, standing upright squeezing one into the other, while we are hot, sweet, drunkenly sucking on the lips. all this happens almost spontaneously, surprisingly easily and therefore completely natural; Zhenya, naked, excited, silently pulls me onto his ottoman, and I, taking off my jeans on the. Go, pulling my shirt over my head, just silently succumb to his onslaught; both naked, excited, we suck on the lips again, with rapture rubbing our sticky sticky risers against each other, recklessly pawing each other, caressing, squeezing with undisguised pleasure; Take it in your mouth .Zhenya whispers, pushing my head to his groin; and you ?, I look at him questioningly; without responding without saying anything in response, he is the first to take my penis in his mouth, squeezes it with hot lips, and lying, jack, on a creaky low ottoman, we with rapture, with pleasure suck each other's excited, crimson pricked members, and that's it this again happens so naturally, as if we are doing the most ordinary thing for the millionth time, and yet half an hour ago I could only dream of all this, for the first time in my life I suck a penis, and for the first time my penis, hotly squeezing, sliding wetly on him up and down, other people's lips caress. Sarah Snyder Feet finish in each other's mouth, and we do it almost simultaneously: my mouth suddenly in an instant is filled with hot salty sperm, and this. Is so unexpected for me that I immediately, without thinking, mechanically I swallow Zhenya's ejaculate, as if a sip of jelly had been drunk from a glass; however, Zhenya does the same thing almost at the same instant, swallows my sperm, and he does it too, as I understand it, from surprise. the sweetness of orgasm blazes in the crotch, sucked off, finished.

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